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Five Toys for Hedgehogs

Did you know that hedgehogs are curious creatures who like toys? Here are five suggestions that our herd give their paws of approval:  

1. Toilet paper tubes:

Hedgehogs like to wear them on their head and play "tank." Some hedgies love TP tubes so much that they learn to eat and to drink from a water bottle with the tube on their head! I had one hedgehog that was so addicted to tubing that she would sleep with the tube on her head. Once, I found her sleeping on her back, all four legs in the air, tube on head... and super irritated with me when I pulled the tube off to check on her! Caution should be noted, however. Smaller hedgehogs can get stuck in the tubes and they can break forequills or develop a flattened area of forequills (kind of like humans with "hat head").  

2. Boxes:

I was surprised to find that mine really like boxes that are short and wide. Cereal boxes, or boxes for things like rice-a-roni are big hits! Kleenex boxes are a favorite, too... but be sure to remove any plastic packaging. 

3. Plastic Easter eggs:

We put the hedgehogs favorite treat inside of the Easter Egg. Many hedgehogs can actually get the eggs open to get the treat! Amazing!  

4. Plastic dump trucks:

Hedgehogs like to push these and climb on them. They can learn to dump the bed to get to the treats!  

5. Cat balls with bells inside:

Many hedgehogs like to push these around. I had one grumpy rescue who, for the longest time, would never let me see him out of a ball. But, I could always hear him in his cage, playing with his ball, when I wasn't looking. Just be sure it doesn’t have any sharp edges that a hedgehog could cut its tongue on.

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