The Basics

Articles on basic care and considerations for new or prospective owners.

Vet/Health Care

Articles pertaining to health, nutrition, and veterinary care.

Breeding and Development

Articles and pictures about hedgehog breeding, growth, and development.

Advanced Care Issues

Articles for people who already own a hedgehog or want to know more than just the basics.


Learn more about hedgehog colors!

Purchase a Hedgehog

Wondering where to buy a hedgehog? Start here!


Where to purchase hedgehog supplies and collectibles.

Our Herd

Meet the hedgehogs of Hedgehog Valley!

Other Critters

Meet the other critters that call or have called Hedgehog Valley their home!


I would like to introduce you to some very important "people" in our household... the hedgehogs!

To read about the hedgehog that started it all, click here.


Picture Name Date of Birth
Nickel Cadmium 06/15/14
Rincewind 05/29/16
Sneasel 09/19/2016
Spiegel 09/18/2016


Picture Name Date of Birth
Manitoba 08/23/13
Suliya 12/15/16
Taisy 05/27/17
Tallulah 02/10/17
Tamris 02/10/17
Tetra 02/24/17
Timber 05/24/17
Tussle 06/14/17
Ulia 12/09/2017
Ulu 09/30/17
Ulyssia 11/20/17
Urumqi 09/30/17
Uwe 09/30/17
Varna 02/16/18

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