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Welcome to Hedgehog Valley!


Adding happiness, one hedgehog at a time!


We are USDA licensed and have been proudly breeding top quality African pygmy hedgehogs since 1995. Our dedication is clear in every aspect of our program, from learning and teaching about these amazing creatures to continually improving their quality.

Through a focus on health and temperament, our breeding efforts have shown remarkable results. Our hedgehog herd now boasts increased friendliness, systematic elimination of hereditary issues, improved form, and longer lifespans. Our hedgehogs are pedigreed and registered, to ensure quality lines.

We currently raise African pygmy hedgehogs, long-eared hedgehogs, lesser tenrec, gerbils, and dormice. Also in residence are common tenrec, greater tenrec, desert (Ethiopian) hedgehogs, North African (Algerian) hedgehogs, duprasi, and mouselike hamsters.

Hedgehog Valley's founder, Antigone (Tig), developed and implemented the North American Quills Association (NAQA) hedgehog show system. She is actively involved with the North American Hedgehog Herd Initials (NAHHI) registry and participates in The Hedgie List Registry (THLR). Hedgehog Valley can be found at the Tulsa OK, Springfield MO, Columbia MO, Kansas City MO, and Lincoln NE locations of the Show Me Reptile and Exotics shows.

When you bring a hedgehog from Hedgehog Valley into your home, you are benefiting from Tig's over 27 years of hands-on hedgehog care expertise. We are here to address any questions you have, both before and after your hedgehog becomes a part of your life.

Our hedgehogs are raised right in our family home, alongside kids, dogs, and cats. This environment ensures that they are accustomed to human handling and normal household sounds- a perfect fit for families with kids and pets.

Hedgehog Valley is genuinely thrilled to share our hedgehog passion with you. Our hedgehogs have earned prestigious recognition nationwide. Over the years we have placed Hedgehog Valley hedgehogs with programs such as the Memphis Zoo, the Boston Museum of Science, the Topeka Zoo, and many other zoos and educational programs. 

We are driven by our enthusiasm for these enchanting creatures and we hope our information ignites the same fire in you.

Please explore all of our resources and when you feel ready to bring a hedgehog into your family, click here to view our available hedgehog babies.

Join us in embracing the world of hedgehogs (and tenrec)- one quality quill at a time.


Antigone Means

Iola, KS



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