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Denver '03

Please enjoy our pictures from the 2003 Mile High Hedgehog Show, that took place on September 27, 2003, at the Executive Tower Hotel in Denver, CO.

Here's the view from the front door of the hotel- the Denver Performing Arts Center.

Susan Morrison (right) introduces Tig as the judge for the Mile High Hedgehog Show.

Stephanie Hyne and Pat Storm have their hedgies at the show table.

Lance and Zury Burleson man the IHA and Hedgehog Valley tables.

Stasi Kanyuck provided pictures and text for the IHA information poster. 

The audience claps for winners of a show class

Tig inspects Susan Morrison's hedgie while Sarah Shore and Griffin Lancelot wrangle theirs.

The audience is very attentive to the show.

Taking another look at the lovely hedgies. There were so many extremely nice hedgehogs that it was very difficult to choose winners.

Tig gets ready to announce the next show class.

With such a wonderful group of hedgehogs making it into the final round here, choosing best adult female was very difficult! 

Contestants wait patiently for the judge.

Still waiting, while the judge deliberates.

Now, on to the next round! Pat Storm, Z.G. Standing Bear, Linda Cassel, and Jeanne Stanoch show their hedgies!

The competition is very intense for best of show.

Look at all those gorgeous hedgehogs, and their handlers!

Jeanne Stanoch and her helper pose with Tig to show off their best of show (Lina) and reserve best of show (Lovey) hedgies!

After the show, folks headed out to lunch. Lance Burleson, Seph Burleson, Jane Lee, Jan Ernst, Sarah Shore, and Zury Burleson enjoyed the food at Chili's.

Zury, Seph, & Lance in the vendor room.

Darcie Carter (aka "One Big Hedgie") entertains the kids.

Linda Cassel coaches Quilliam in the IHOG.

Enjoying the post-show banquet.

Lance, Seph & Jane pose with the giant hedgehog we got in the silent auction fundraiser!

Donnasue brings her son, Simon, to see the giant hedgie.

What sweet little dolls!

Seph and Zury got all tired out!

Preparing to eat worms, to raise funds for vet care for a special community member who couldn't be present.

What a face! Can you tell who already ate their mealie?

The guys get ready for theirs- Lance said he'd eat a whole spoonful if they could raise over $300... and they did.

Bon apetit!

Down the hatch...

Chasing worms with mountain dew...

And, our final worm-eater had 10!

A good time was had by all! Penni, Susan, Kari, Sherry, and Tig relax in the "hedgequarters."

Antigone Means-Burleson

Iola, KS

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