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The Hedgehog Primer

The Hedgehog Primer is a practical guide to the care of pet hedgehogs, based on  sound knowledge and experience. This book is for beginning and experienced hedgehog enthusiasts alike, providing a firm foundation to keep your hedgehog happy and healthy! At 82 pages, this 8-1/2" x 11" book is full of excellent information. Inner photographs are in black and white. Publication date 3/03, ISBN 1-59196-211-0. List price $10.95.

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I. An introduction to hedgehogs

            A. What kind of animal is a hedgehog?

            B. What species are these hedgehogs?

            C. The history of hedgehogs in the pet trade

            D. Are hedgehogs good pets?

            E. Where do I find a hedgehog?

            F. Why are hedgehogs expensive?

            G. How do I choose a pet hedgehog?

                        1. Gender differences

                        2. Temperament

                        3. Health

II. Getting ready for a pet hedgehog

            A. Housing

            B. Environment

            C. Feeding

            D. Exercise

            E. Bedding        

            F. Cage accessories and toys

            G. Check your attitude and expectations

            H. Finding a veterinarian

            I. Finding the right hedgehog for you

III. When hedgehog comes home

            A. Handling hedgehogs

            B. Common adjustment difficulties

            C. Understanding behavior/communication

            D. Behavioral issues

                        1. Biting

                        2. Quilling

                        3.  Self-anointing

            E. Hedgehog hide and seek (“hedgie-proofing”)

IV. Keeping your hedgehog healthy

            A. When to take your hedgehog to the vet

            B. Common medical problems

                        1. Mites

                        2. Respiratory infections

                        3. Tumors and abscesses

                        4. Fatty liver

                        5. Dental issues

                        6. Obesity

                        7. Ear problems

                        8. “Wobbliness”

                        9. Fleas

            C. Cleanliness and bathing

            D. Communicating with your veterinarian

            E. What to keep in your hedgehog care/first aid kit

V. Beyond the basics

            A. Travel with hedgehogs

            B. Hedgehogs and other pets

            C. Hedgehogs in public settings

            D. Hedgehog colors

            E. The hedgehog community

                        1. International Hedgehog Association

                        2. Showing your hedgehog

                        3. Online communities

            F. Preparing for a pet sitter

VI. Breeding hedgehogs

            A. Introduction to the perils of breeding

            B. Licensure

            C. The many hats of a hedgehog breeder

            D. Breeder ethics

            E. From beginning to babies

                        1. Choosing breeding stock

                        2. Putting them together

                        3. Pregnancy

                        4. Infancy

                        5. Toddlerhood

                        5. Weaning

            F. Hand feeding

            G. Predicting adult color from baby color

VII. Making things for your hedgehog

            A. Hedgebag

            B. Craft foam tubes

            C. Storage tote cage

            D. Fleece blanket

            E. Storage blocks playpen

            G. Toys from “trash”

VIII. Resources

            A. Bibliography

            B. Recommended Readings

            C. Internet Resources

IX. Index

X. Apendices

A.     Hedgehog’s Journal

B.     Additional Photos

C.    Acknowledgements

Antigone Means

Iola, KS

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