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Adding happiness one hedgehog at a time!

Hedgehog Valley is one of the oldest continuous hedgehog breeding programs, with over 28 years experience in raising well socialized, healthy hedgehog babies that are pedigreed and registered. Our babies are home raised so that they are used to children, dogs, cats, and other normal, busy household sounds. They are part of our family. We provide support before, during, and after your purchase to make sure that you and your hedgehog are happy.

Quality, variety, and affordability are important when it comes to choosing your pet hedgehog. Our goal is to help you learn about hedgehogs and find the perfect one for you.

We take reservations on a first come, first served basis in the order in which we receive requests. Babies must be picked up or paid in full within 10 days of your reservation. Please contact us for more information or to put a hedgehog on hold.

We attend the Show Me Reptile and Exotics Show in Springfield MO, Columbia MO, Kansas City MO, and Tulsa, OK if you would like to meet and greet the hedgies to pick one out in person.

We work with licensed ground transporters if you need your hedgehog shipped.


We support the North American Quills Association.


Name Parents Information
We will have some African pygmy hedgehog babies ready to go in early July, watch for pictures toward the end of June. They are not available to be reserved until they are listed here.    
Dagmar  Toodles
  • Buddy is ON HOLD

  • Sassy but warms up.



Name Parents Information
Eulalia x Bilby
  • Brawley is ON HOLD

  • Cute and busy.


Name Parents Information
Pip x Beauvais
  • Four babies ready to go.

  • Born 06/22/23

  • Tenrec have to be DNA sexed.

  • $400 each

Name Parents Information
Bailey x Yeet
  • Morning Glory is ready to go.

  • Curious and active.

  • Long eared hedgie: experienced owners only.

  •  $600

Name Parents Information
Bailey x Yeet
  • Rose is ready to go.

  • A goofy, fiesty girl.

  • Long eared hedgie: experienced owners only.

  •  $600


Name Parents Information
Femi x Simon
  • Guinevere is ready to go.

  • A lovely lady.

  • Long eared hedgie: experienced owners only.

  •  $600


Name Parents Information
Femi x Simon
  • Lancelot is ready to go.

  • Look at that lovely face!

  • Long eared hedgie: experienced owners only.

  •  $500


Name Parents Information
Amnesty x Simon
  • Noel is ready to go.

  • A little hesitant but lets me hold her.

  • Long eared hedgie: experienced owners only.

  •  $600


Name Parents Information

How do I get my hedgie? You are welcome to come pick up your baby by appointment, via curbside pick up at our location in Iola, KS. We also work with licensed ground transporters. Current pricing is $75 for regional transport (within about 120 miles) and around $200 to $250 for door to door service nationwide. We cannot ship outside the US or to any location in the US where it is illegal to own a hedgehog.

Do you meet part way? Only if we are already going that way and you can work with our schedule.

How much are your hedgies? Our base price is $200 for males, $225 for females. Sometimes we have older hedgies or hedgies who need special placement that are marked down.

Why are the females more expensive? We aren't sure why, but we get a much higher percentage of females than males. Many people mistakenly believe that females will be friendlier, so we provide a price break to encourage people to give a little guy a chance!

Should I get a boy or a girl? For a discussion of male/female differences, our Boy or Girl page can help you with that decision.

What is your health guarantee? Our warranty policy describes our policies.

How do I put a hedgehog on hold? Our Buying A Hedgehog Online page explains the process of purchasing a hedgehog from Hedgehog Valley.

How much deposit do I need to put down on my hedgehog? We will hold a hedgehog for up to 10 days with no deposit. After that, payment in full is due. We will not extend a hold or accept partial  payments. If you do not respond within 72 hours of confirmation of your reservation, it will be cancelled.

How do I know you're not scammers? We have been present and doing business for many years and our website earns high trust ratings. You can ask around about us as we are well known in the hedgehog breeding community. You can look up our license  on the USDA/APHIS website. You are welcome to meet us in person at the Show Me Reptiles expos in Springfield MO, Tulsa OK, Columbia MO, or Kansas City, MO and the Central Kansas Reptile Expo in Derby (Wichita), KS.

What forms of payment do you accept? We protect you by using PayPal business or Square Credit/Debit for any online financial transactions because these methods provide protection for both buyer and seller. We do not charge a processing fee. We accept cash for in person transactions.

What supplies will I need for my hedgehog? Our basic care article explains what you will need and gives you a rundown on care.

Do hedgehogs come with pedigrees and breeding rights? Our hedgehogs are pedigreed and can be registered with The Hedgie List Registry. We register our babies as PET (not for breeding) unless you are a USDA licensed breeder. 

What comes with my hedgehog? We provide a starter pack including a hedgebag, a sample of our food mix, follow-up support, a travel cage, and our warranty.

Do you sell any supplies? Yes, we generally have water bottles, dishes, hides, extra hedgebags, wheels, and cages available. Contact us in advance to see what is in stock if you want to pick up supplies when you get your hedgie.

Can I tour your facility? No. We raise our animals in our home and have young children who need their privacy. In addition, we often have mama animals with young babies and need to keep their routine so that don't become stressed and harm their babies. As an alternative, we provide curbside service.

What if I change my mind after I get my hedgehog? We do not offer refunds, all sales are final. However, if you are unable to keep your hedgehog for any reason, we can provide the service of taking it back at no charge, or can help try to connect you with rehoming resources.

What if my hedgehog is cranky when it comes home? It is not unusual for a hedgehog to have a few days where it's scared and uncooperative when it moves to a new home. Our handling page has photos to help you see how to handle a hedgie confidently and our My Hedgehog Hates Me page has our best tips to help you turn into a hedgie whisperer. If your hedgie has trouble adjusting, contact us right away so that we can help you.

What kind of after sale support do you provide? We are always happy to answer questions, no matter how small or how long it has been since you purchased your hedgie.

How long do hedgehogs live? The life expectancy for African pygmy hedgehog is 3 to 6 years, though 4 to 5 is what is generally expected.

Can I get a hedgie in a specific color? Color and markings can change between baby and adult, and even across adulthood. Lighting and differing computer screens can impact color in photos. There has also been a loss of fidelity in color naming over time, so that creates confusion. We do the best we can to accurately represent, but if you are super picky about color it is better to choose in person.

Can you get some updated photos for me? Yes, but please be patient. Hedgies, especially young hegies, can be uncooperative so it isn't an easy task, especially if I am needing to update photos on more than one.

Thank you for choosing Hedgehog Valley!

We are USDA licensed (48-A-1561).


Antigone Means

Iola, KS

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